128 Nivel Hills

128 Nivel Hills. A new standard in high-end condo living

Located at the heart of Cebu, 128 Nivel Hills lets you experience top-quality, modern, and posh designs from the comfort of your own living space. Call it your own private paradise, or simply call it your home.

The Neighborhood

128 nivel hills

The property sits on an expansive 8,470 square-meter property along Cebu Veterans Drive, Nivel Hills, Lahug, Cebu City. At 150 meters above sea-level, 128 Nivel Hills has picturesque views of Mount Busay and the Metro Cebu cityscape.
The area around 128 Nivel Hills is primed to become a destination for Cebuanos. Restaurants, car dealerships and other high-end establishments have moved into the area, hinting at what could be the most vibrant and dynamic section of town.

The Architecture


Set to be the preeminent residence in all of Cebu, 128 Nivel Hills consists of 2 impressive towers. The 36 storey and 45 storey and towers are examples of how both form and function meld together to create an architectural masterpiece by the world-renowned Crone Partners. It is both aesthetically pleasing and very practical to unit owners. The shifting oval design isn’t just beautiful, but also give the units the ample amount of sunlight during the day sans the heat. The towers were also tested for wind tunnel to ensure stability and structural integrity. The limited number of apartments per floor ensures that you truly come home to a private getaway.

The Arrival


Arriving at 128 Nivel Hills gives residents the sense of security and privacy not many other places can offer. As soon as you enter the courtyard, feel safe from prying eyes when getting dropped off and feel the sense of coming home. The expansive Lobby boasts high-ceilings that welcome both resident and guest to the posh, yet homey atmosphere of 128 Nivel Hills.

The Experience

The Library


Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life by curling up with your favorite book. The Library is a book-worm’s fantasy made real and is just as majestic as the stories in the books themselves.

The Great Room


Mingle with other homeowners at 128 Nivel Hills’ Great Room. Sit down for a leisurely conversation while taking in the relaxing vibe, beautiful design of the room.


Stay fashionably fit in 128 Nivel Hills’ Gym. It has a complete array of modern workout equipment and a Yoga/Pilates studio for those who want to break a sweat in style.

Sun Room


Take in the glory of daylight in the Sun Room. With just the right amount of sun entering

The Shops

Added to the convenience of the homeowners, one will enjoy a dose of retail therapy and boutique restaurants at The Shops.

Pool Deck


In for a little sun? 128 Nivel Hills’ resort-type pool is where you should spend the day with your family. While you swim in the Pool, the little ones can play in the Kid’s Pool.

The Lobby


The airy entrance and high-ceilings of The Lobby let both resident and guest experience the posh, yet homey atmosphere 128 Nivel Hills has to offer.

Great Cabaña


Feel your stress drain away when you hang out in the Great Cabaña. Sip on a cool beverage while you indulge the great view 128 Nivel Hills has to offer. Lounge around for a tan and chit-chat with some friends, isn’t this a perfect way to spend your day?

Pool Area


In for a little sun? 128 Nivel Hills’ resort-type pool is where you should spend the day with your family. While you swim in the Pool, the little ones can play in the Kid’s Pool.
The Designer Dwellings


Every nook and cranny of 128 Nivel Hills is steeped in the ways of a genteel lifestyle. The units boast of a carefully curated sense of comfort and style, thanks to the masterful touch one of the country’s leading interior designers, Manny Samson. Entering a unit is an experience in itself. Once inside, what greet you are wide, open spaces made all the more apparent with the fluid integration of the living and dining room and kitchen. The warm, wooden floors serve as the perfect counterpart to these distinctive design details.