AppleOne Banawa Heights

AppleOne Banawa Heights derives inspiration from the vibrant spirit and colorful living of the San Francisco Bay Area and puts it right at the heart of Metro Cebu, right where your passion thrives. Here, your new home is your new inspiration.

Apple One Banawa Heights
Sprawling on a 2.8-hectare property, AppleOne Banawa Heights features three different residential concepts : The Mansionettes, the Villas, and the Towers, which are divided into private clusters such that on each floor you will only have on to five neighbors maximum. Each building is inspired by the Victorian Aesthetics of San Francisco Bay Area but with a contemporary touch. To answer your need for more breathing space, we’ve allocated 70% of the entire development to open landscaped spaces.

appleone banawa

Live like you’re in San Francisco. Luxury, economy and convenience merged into one.

The eclectic and zesty life cannot thrive in crowded living spaces. This is why the sister-project of AppleOne Tower, sprawls on a 2.8 hectare development in Good Shepherd Road, Banawa where three residential concepts are available to match your exclusive taste.

Our three-storey Mansionettes, four-storey walk-up villas, and twelve-storey towers are divided into private clusters such that on each floor, you will only have two to five neighbors. With dedicated amenities for each type of home offering, generous and expansive landscape, AppleOne Banawa Heights is a distinctly themed gated subdivision that truly changes the face of metropolitan living in Cebu.

A 2.8-hectare residential development in Good Shepherd Road, Banawa, Cebu City. Positioned as a private and exclusive, distinctly themed gated subdivision. A first-of-its-kind in Cebu City.

Location of AppleOne Banawa Heights

AppleOne Banawa Heights is a home that puts you right where you have access to the booming city life, yet ideally exclusive and spatially generous so as not to make you feel cramped in a crowded neighborhood.


This real estate property in a location that’s very accessible to schools, banks, supermarkets and public markets, restaurants and food chains, churches, hospitals, government institutions and other key locations its residents might visit often or once in a while.

This unique subdivision is located in Good Shepherd Road, Banawa Cebu City 200 meters away from Duterte highway. It can also be accessed via Forest Hills.

70% Open spaces

To answer your need for more breathing space, AppleOne Banawa Heights allocated 70% of the entire development to open landscaped spaces with generous walkways, jogging trails, pocket gardens, lots of green areas, wide road networks and spacious parks and playgrounds.

Grand Entrance Gate


AppleOne Banawa Heights’ Grand Entrance Gate is a statement in itself. The customized gate provides an elegant driveway appeal that stands out and complements the beauty of the community.

Grand Fountain


A welcoming Grand Fountain setting a romantic and dreamy ambiance and providing a calming effect as you enter the subdivision.

Signature Design

AppleOne Banawa Heights boasts a signature design inspired by the San Francisco Bay Area’s Pacific Heights. All three home offerings are designed with Victorian Theme.

A multi-function Gazebo designed to add a spectacular feature to the landscaped garden. The stately charm of the gazebo can be a perfect backdrop for any setting, whether it is quiet retreat, a special event, a family gathering, a community occasion or simply a sitting area.

Penthouse pool
Five Swimming pools

How about this? – Five swimming pools in the entire subdivision!
Each tower is provided with its own exclusive penthouse pool. Villa and Mansionette residents have their own pool, too.
Boutique Shops

Boutique shops in AppleOne Banawa Heights will include Al Fresco Cafe, convenience store, mini retail establishments for the residents’ convenience and comfort.

Keyless Access control

Only you and your neighbors have secure secure digital codes to gain entry to your cluster. Every entrance of each building is installed with a top-of-the-line access control system that takes exclusive living to new levels. This is first-of-its-kind in Cebu City.

Other Amenities:
- Basketball court
- Jacuzzi
- Roofdeck lounge
- Mansionette entrance gate



Each private cluster in our four-storey walk-up Villas has a maximum of 23 residents, with only 6 units on every floor. Our Villa residents are provided with their own set of amenities, including a swimming pool, a basketball court, and boutique shops that are perfect for cozy afternoon get-togethers.


AppleOne Banawa Heights’ three-storey mansionettes are condominiums designed to look like grand houses.The front structures, each with their own exclusive entrances, mirror the back, providing you with just one neighbor outside your door. Surrounded by landscaped gardens, our Mansionette residents enjoy their own amenities, which include a swimming pool and a mini-park.


Our Towers have exclusive elevators for every private cluster with only 49 residents and a maximum of 5 units per floor.Amenities for each Tower are located at the penthouse, which include a swimming pool, rooftop pocket gardens, and an outdoor lounge that has a magnificent view of the city and the sea beyond.

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