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Citta di Mare is a master-planned community spanning approximately 50 hectares at the newly reclaimed South Road Properties of the Cebu City Government. Citta di Mare, or “the City by the Sea”, captures the charms of resort living with its majestic views of Mactan’s coast and Cebu’s mountains. The development, divided into 2 sections by the Cebu Coastal Road, will redefine waterfront and seaside resort living in the Visayas. The 10.6has section directly fronting the sea will be developed into a waterfront lifestyle strip that will offer a range of seaside leisure activities. The 390,484sqm section on the opposite side of the Coastal Road will be developed into a residential resort town composed of themed residential communities anchored by the Piazza, an Italian-inspired common amenity area. The development on the area is a joint venture development project between Filinvest Land, Inc. and the Cebu City Government. Amalfi Oasis, the first residential cluster to be developed at Citta di Mare, is inspired by the Italian coastal towns along the Costiera Amalfitana (Amalfi Coast), which is renowned for its scenic beauty, picturesque towns and diversity.


South Road Properties, Cebu City
Project Size

50 hectares
Community Size

citta di mare cebu

Residential Resort Communities
Amalfi Oasis is a 4-hectare residential cluster with its own dedicated courtyard amenities.
Every residential cluster will have its own dedicated amenities to cater to its residents.

SanRemo Oasis


citta di mare italy

Each cluster will have a courtyard that features the following:

  • Swimming Pool and Pool Deck
  • Bath House
  • Outdoor Activity Area
  • Clubhouse, Lounge and Gazebos
  • Basketball Court
  • Tree Park
  • Jogging Path
  • Parks and play areas
  • Pathwalks
  • Kiddie nooks

Community Features

  • Entry gate and security services
  • Perimeter fence
  • Landscapes gardens
  • Church
  • School
  • Retail shops and cafes
  • Soccer / Sports grounds
  • Seaside lifestyle strip
  • Underground road networks for a car-free zone living


  • Near the proposed UP campus
  • 10 minutes away from the Central Business District of Cebu and the International Port of Cebu
  • Not more than 30 minutes away from the International Airport

Product Offering

Mid-rise residential condominiums
Commercial/retail areas

citta di mare srp

Citta di Mare, literally the “City by the Sea”, makes resort living a way of life with a waterfront lifestyle strip and themed residential resorts inspired by some of the world’s best destinations.
Bounded by majestic vistas of Mactan’s coast and Cebu’s mountainous areas, this 50.6-hectare seaside development lies at the heart of South Road Properties. Get ready to
experience a lifestyle marked by freedom, pleasure, luxury and modernity at Citta di Mare.

Seaside living in residential resorts.
Sprawling over 40 hectares are Citta di Mare’s four Oasis communities inspired by top Asian and European resorts. Each 10-hectare enclave features stylish mid-rise condominiums and a range of resort-style amenities.

Low-density community with over 65% of the property allocated for open spaces and landscaped greens

20-meter-wide landscaped walkways and bike lanes and car-free zones make it a relaxing, pedestrianfriendly


Rendezvous at The Piazza.
Nestled in the middle of the residential enclaves is The Piazza, the central activity area for residents of Citta di Mare. Patterned after Italy’s Piazza Duomo, it puts
everything you need right in your neighborhood. school, basilica, retail shops, fine-dining, restaurants, alfresco cafes, bars, fast food chains

Coastal pleasures at Il Corso.
The world’s finest seaside playgrounds come to life at Il Corso, Citta di Mare’s 10.6-hectare lifestyle strip that takes full advantage of the seaside ambience. You have a watering hole, leisure central and cultural hotspot right by the water’s edge. boardwalk, terraced beach, marina, bars & cafes, restaurants, retail outlets, souvenir shops, exhibit tent, amphitheater and more!

il corso


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on Citta di Mare
1. What is Citta di Mare?
Citta di Mare is the 50.6 hectare development in South Road Properties (SRP) which
is comprised of a 40 hectare residential component and 10.6 hectare commercial component
known as the Il Corso
Citta di Mare is an Italian term which means City by the Sea. It is a city within a city – complete,
modern and environment-friendly.
2. What is the SRP and its future development?
The South Road Properties is that 300 hectare reclaimed property adjacent to Mambaling and
Talisay City. Probably one of the most ambitious projects of the City Government of Cebu with a
budget of about Y12B.
SRP is the brainchild of the former mayor now Congressman Tomas Osmena. His vision of SRP is
for the same to become a global eco city.
3. How sustainable is SRP as a city?
For SRP to become a global eco city it has to be sufficient with basic necessities such as supply of
water, power, and efficient transportation.
For water, SRP is provided as the city will enter into a 30-year contract with a consortium
comprised of Pilipinas Water Resource Inc., Mactan Rock, and businessman Michelle Llhulier.
The consortium will be running a desalination plantin SRP that will convert salt water into
potable water via reverse osmosis. The water desalination plant is expected to produce about
500 cubic meters of water daily or close to 200,000cubic meters of water per annum.
Since running a desalination plant is costly, the city has found a way to mitigate the cost and
that is by producing its own cheap source of water via clean coal technology. This will in a way
likewise solve the solid waste problem of Cebu.
The problem in Inayawan dump site is also seen as aturn-off to some investors. The City
Government has currently closed down the site and in fact identified Barangay Kalunasan as an
alternative land-fill site. However, should the planned conversion of solid waste to power be
realized, this will in a way make Cebu a zero wastecity. There was also a plan from the City
Government to have the Inayawan managed by Berjaya Group of Companies, a Malaysian-based
company to handle the solid waste management of thecity.
To make SRP accessible in all points, there must bea convenient, efficient, and affordable mode
of transportation within. With this, the City Government, has proposed of the BRT (Bus Rapid
Transport) in lieu of the LRT (Light Rail Transit).Said BRT will be fast and convenient, and can
accommodate mass number of people. It will stop from station to station and will ply within all
points of SRP and from SRP to other points of Cebu City. 4. How safe is the SRP being a reclaimed land?
The SRP project was undertaken by the City Government contracting Japanese contractor (JICA)
and employing modern and advance technology in landdevelopment particularly in reclamation
Many modern countries nowadays are reclaiming landsfor the need of human activities. In
Netherland for example, almost 1/5 of the country was reclaimed from sea and/or from
marshes or swamps. 20% of Singapore and 170% of Macau’s original size was reclaimed.
5. What does the residential component of Citta di Mare composed of?
The residential component is made up of 8 diverse themed-residential clusters and a central
activity area known as the piazza.
The residential clusters will have about 10 to 12 medium-rise condominium buildings (MRB)
with averaging 120 to 150 units per building.
The 40 hectare residential component is a joint-venture project between Filinvest and the City
Government of Cebu.
The City Government owns the land while Filinvest will be developing the same. And from out
of the sale of the unit, the City Gov’t will get 10% of the gross sale.
6. What is the concept of the commercial strip, Il Corso?
Il Corso is conceptualized to be at par with that of other famous waterfront destinations in some
key cities of the world such as the Darling Harbor in Australia, French Riviera, and Fisherman’s
Il Corso is an Italian term meaning “The Course” asthe master plan depicts on the course of
Cebu during the 3 major eras – Chinese, Spanish, and American.
Il Corso is about a kilometer long and 100 meters wide. It will feature a home depot, hypermart,
beach sandbox, retail shops and al fresco diners all over. What will attract crowd to the lifestyle
strip is its themed park — with the laser fountainas its major attraction. The Spanish Galleon at
the center of the park will serve as a museum, finedining restaurant, and amusement center.
A 6-storey hotel will likewise be rising in Il Corso that will have access to the boardwalk and
marina. Said hotel will be water-escaped with water-pool sculptures.
Il Corso is 5 years in the making starting 2
Quarter of 2011.


Current Residential Developments :

Amalfi Oasis

Sanremo Oasis