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sundance residences

Sundance Residences is the maiden flagship project closely tied to reputable companies and home-grown brands is poised to build affordable, quality communities delivered with excellent customer service. Designed with the modern Cebuano family in mind, Sundance Residences features the modern style and amenities that celebrate traditional Cebuano values and sensibilities.


Designed with the modern Cebuano family in mind, Sundance Residences features the modern style and amenities that celebrate traditional Cebuano values and sensibilities.


Located on top of the sun-kissed hills of Banawa, Sundance Residences derived its name from the exhilarating view of the sun’s daily command performance, from sunrise to sunset.

Close to schools, churches, hospitals, malls and urban destinations, it’s the ideal place to grow your own family, where you can live independently, yet feel comfortably close to your parents’ homes.

Here, you’re always close to the people and things that matter most in your life. And because of all these, life at Sundance Residences can only be beautiful!

sundance amenities


At Sundance Residences, we understand the value of close family ties. That’s why we’ve provided superior building amenities unheard of in any typical residential condominium development.

· Residential Elevator Lobby
· The Strip at Sundance (pocket retail / commercial area)
· Water Wall Fountain
· Covered Carpark
· Mail Room
· The Lobby Lounge (Main Reception)
· Poolside Lounge with Bar
· Fun Pool
· Kiddie Pool
· Party Hall
· Family Gardens
· Outdoor Play for Kids
· Playroom
· Professionally Managed Day Care Center
· Zen/Meditation Garden
· Fitness Center
· Family Entertainment Center
· Jogging Path
· View Deck
· Prayer Room


Sundance Residences takes pride in being Cebu’s first child and family-friendly residential development ensuring families spend quality time together with the project focusing on child-friendly and family-centered amenities. Sundance Residences will feature a Day Care Center where parents can enroll their children with childcare professionals who will ensure wholesome academic and playtime activities for the little ones.


The commercial strip within the development are proposed to include various child-friendly establishments such as schools for Language, Music, and the Arts among others so parents can be assured of facilities fostering their child’s holistic development well within the perimeters of their own community. Sundance Residences has also made child-proofing the development a top priority because parents always have their kids’ safety top-of-mind. Anti-mosquito plants, child-friendly furnitures, toilets and urinals, rounded corners to name a few will be installed in the common areas.



1. What is Sundance Residences?
Sundance Residences is a new concept in city living that suits the lifestyle of young families today.
2. Why is it called Sundance Residences?
It is called Sundance Residences because it is located on top of the sun-kissed hills of Banawa. It derives its name from the exhilarating view of the sun’s daily command performance, from sunrise to sunset.
3. Where is it located?
It is along R. Duterte Street, in Banawa, Cebu City. From Sundance Residences, the groceries are 1-3 minutes away (One Pavilion Mall & Rustan’s Supermarket), hospitals are 5 minutes away (Chong Hua Hospital & Cebu Doctor’s Hospital), shopping malls are 10 – 15 minutes away, schools and universities are 10 – 15 minutes away (Velez College, Sacred Heart Hijas, St. Paul’s School, University of San Carlos Main). The central business district is 10 minutes away. Public transportation is accessible along the street fronting the condominium.
4. What are the amenities?
Ground Floor
• Residential Elevator Lobby
• The Strip at Sundance (pocket retail / commercial area)
• Water Wall Fountains
• Covered Carpark
• Mail Room
Second Floor
• The Lobby Lounge (Main Reception)
• Poolside Lounge with Bar
• Fun Pool
• Kiddie Pool (Phase 2)
• Party Hall
• Family Gardens
• Outdoor Play for Kids (Phase 2)
• Playroom (Phase 2)
• Professionally Managed Day Care Center (Phase 2)
• Sky Garden
• Zen Garden / Meditation Garden
• Jogging Path
• View Deck
• Fitness Center
• Family Entertainment Center (Phase 2)
• Function Hall (Phase 2)
• Prayer Room
1. How many towers will be constructed?
Two towers. The first tower will be 18 storeys high (16 residential floors, 1 commercial floor, 1 roof deck) plus one basement level. The second tower is at least of the same height.
2. When will first tower be constructed and expected to be finished?
Construction of first tower is targeted to start 2nd quarter of 2013. We target to turn over the units by end of 2015.
3. When will the second building be constructed and expected to be finished?
Probably after the first tower is finished
4. If there are finishes I prefer, how do I go about requesting for change in finishes according to my preference?
Installation of the changed / upgraded finishes shall be charged to the account of the buyer and shall be performed by accredited contractors. WCP will not deduct or refund for the expenses.
Installation is subject to construction guidelines. Chipping of floors is not allowed. Advise for non-installation of finishes should be made 2 months before installation of your unit.
5. What changes in the unit layout are allowed?
Areas with utility provisions (toilets and kitchen) cannot be moved around. In general, we are limited to non-installation of walls, subject to approval of Construction Team. Allowed combination of units are already pre-determined. Changes should be requested 4 months before your floor is constructed and subject for approval of Construction Team.
6. Can I tear down or move around the partition walls within my unit?
Most walls may have utilities embedded. This is subject to approval of Technical Team.
7. What is the ceiling height?
Studio Units:
Kitchen – 2.4 m
Living & Bedroom – side bulk head 2.4 m , center 2.8 m
Toilet & Bath – 2.2m
1 Bedroom Units:
Kitchen – 2.4 m
Living – side bulk head 2.4, center 2.8m
Bedroom – 2.8 m
Toilet & Bath – 2.2m
2 Bedroom Units:
Kitchen – 2.4 m
Living – 2.8 m
Bedrooms 1 & 2 – 2.8 m
Toilet & Bath – 2.2m
8. Who is the developer of Sundance Residences?
Worldwide Central Properties, an affiliate of Worldwide Steel Group and Worldwide Home Depot
9. Who are the people involved in the design team for Sundance Residences?
Principal Architect: TAF Consultancy/Archt. Antonio Trillanes Jr.
Interior Design Consultant: Kenneth Cobonpue / Studio Artesano, Inc.
Landscape Architect: Archt. Socorro Atega
Structural: Sy^2 + Associates
Sanitary Engineering, Plumbing and Fire Protection: NBF Consulting, Inc.
Mechanical: L.R. Punsalan & Associates
Electrical: M.A. Alix & Partners
Quantity Surveyor: JER Consult Corp.
10. What is the security system of the building?
CCTV, 24-hour security guard
11. What happens if there’s a brownout?
We have a 24-hour standby generator. It can support elevators, lights in the common areas, one light in living room and 1 light in masters’ bedroom, one electrical outlet in the living room and 1 in the masters bedroom. Outlets will be able to support electric fans.
12. What is the source of water?
MCWD services our water requirements. We have an overhead water tank and an underground cistern.
13. What is the garbage disposal system?
A garbage room is provided in every floor. The Condo Corp will assign people to bring the garbage to the disposal area at designated schedules.
14. What are association dues for?
Association dues will cover for the expenses of maintenance and utilities of common areas, and for the security system, real property taxes of the lot owned by Condo Corp.
15. How much is the estimate for Association Dues?
Php50-60 per sqm per month
16. When do homeowners start paying Association Dues?
One month after turnover of the unit
17. Can I sell my parking slot to another person?
Only unit owners can buy and own our parking slots.
18. What is the mix of the retail component of Sundance Residences?
We have designed the retail strip at the ground floor to include restaurants, a coffee shop, convenience store, pharmacy and other service stores.
19. What will be part of Phase 1?
Phase 1 includes the first tower, the swimming pools, all amenities except the Day Care Center, the Playroom, Kiddie Pool, Outdoor Play for Kids and Family Entertainment Center.
20. Will there be drainage for the washing area?
Yes, a faucet and a drain will be provided for the washing area.
21. What is the size of the parking lot and what is the height?
It is approximately 12 sqm. It will be sold separately from the unit. Floor to ceiling height ranges from 2.2 m – 2.4 m.
22. Will there be exhaust in the toilet?
23. Will water sprinklers be provided in the units?
24. Are pets allowed in the building?
Yes but please refer to building restrictions.
25. What are the unit finishes?
Ceramic / porcelain tiles
Kitchen cabinets (overhead & under counter)
Granite kitchen counter
Painted wall finish
Lavatory & water closet
Provision for washer & dryer
Fire alarm & protection system
Provision for CATV & telephone
Provision for window type A/C

27. Is parking subject to VAT?
Yes. Our parking price is inclusive of VAT already.
28. What is included in miscellaneous fees?
a. Processing fee
b. Documentary Stamps Tax – 1.5% of contract price
c. Transfer fee – ½ of 1% of contract price
d. Registration fee – table with register of deeds
e. Real property tax – percentage of assessed value, depends on city
There will be a menu of charges for other services. Veco, pldt and water connection are subject to separate fees as well.

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